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Mailing Lists


The mailing lists are currently (28-01-2021) not operational. I’m in the process of investigating solutions that are low maintenance but still deal with backscatter and other issues.

In the meantime, you can send important questions or suggestions to website at

Available Lists

  • libmpdec-users: Anything related to libmpdec or cdecimal.
  • libmpdec-devel: Development of libmpdec and cdecimal.
  • libmpdec-announce: Important announcements. This list is read-only.


The lists are handled by the ezmlm/idx mailing list manager. The following examples apply to the libmpdec-users list. For the other lists, replace libmpdec-users with libmpdec-devel or libmpdec-announce.

From the account that is to be subscribed, send an (empty) message to:


From the subscribed account, send an (empty) message to:


For each command, ezmlm will send you a confirmation request. You have to reply to that message for the command to take effect.