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Mailing Lists


The website has moved to another host and the mailing lists are currently (2016-02-28) not working. Please send project-related mail directly to the mpdecimal author.

Available Lists

  • libmpdec-users: Anything related to libmpdec or cdecimal.
  • libmpdec-devel: Development of libmpdec and cdecimal.
  • libmpdec-announce: Important announcements. This list is read-only.


The lists are handled by the ezmlm/idx mailing list manager. The following examples apply to the libmpdec-users list. For the other lists, replace libmpdec-users with libmpdec-devel or libmpdec-announce.

From the account that is to be subscribed, send an (empty) message to:


From the subscribed account, send an (empty) message to:


For each command, ezmlm will send you a confirmation request. You have to reply to that message for the command to take effect.