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M4 Project Client Install
M4 Project

Windows XP/2000/NT: How to uninstall enigma-client

This page contains step by step uninstall instructions for the Windows distributed computing client for the M4 Project.

Stop client processes, remove tasks, remove user enigma-client:

Change into enigma-suite-winexe-0.76.2
Change into the run folder

run (double click) uninstall.exe

Remove all files created for the client:

# Install location Program Files:

Goto Start -> My computer -> C: -> Program Files

Delete the folder M4Project

# Install location My Documents:

Goto Start -> My computer -> C: -> Documents And Settings
           -> username -> My Documents

Delete the folder M4Project

If you created user enigma-client, remove enigma-client's home directory:

Goto Start -> My computer -> C: -> Documents And Settings

Delete the folder enigma-client

That's it, there are no registry entries that have to be removed.


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