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M4 Project Client Install
M4 Project

Windows XP/2000: How to install enigma-client

This page contains step by step install instructions for the Windows distributed computing client for the M4 Project.


Dial-up connections:

If you have a dial up internet connection, make sure that dial-on-demand is disabled.

Install and run enigma-client:

Change into enigma-suite-winexe-0.76.2
Change into the run folder

Then run (double click) install.exe

Going through some installer questions:

Create user enigma-client with a random password Y/N [Y]?

It is recommended to run distributed computing clients under an account with restricted privileges. For this purpose, the installer asks if you want to create such an account. If you say yes here, the installer will create user enigma-client with a 12 character random password and set password expiry to unlimited.

Do you have an existing account with a password? Y/N [N]?

If you have an account with a password, say yes and enter the account name and the password. Note that you will not see any output (not even *****) while typing the password.

If you have an account without a password, say no. The installer will then use your current account name.

Are you connected to the Internet Y/N [N]?

Since the installer has to check which port to connect to, you have to acknowledge that you are connected to the Internet. You can only proceed if you say yes here.

Enter a proxy server:

If all direct connections fail, the installer asks you if you can connect via a proxy server. If the proxy server is at with port 3128, you have to enter:

Number of CPUs/cores you want to run the client on [1]:

If you have multiple processors (or cores), you can create multiple run directories.

Change install location:

The installer will suggest an install location. If you have administrator privileges, the location will be in the Program Files directory, otherwise in the My Documents folder. You can change the location here, but take care that the client user has read rights for all parent directories.

Create a background task Y/N [Y]:

Here the installer asks if a background task should be created (recommended). This means that the client(s) will automatically start at boot time or logon time.


You will now see a summary of what is going to happen. You can still abort the installation by saying no here.

Check the installation:

If the installer created the background tasks:

Check on the clients:

The client(s) should be running now. You can check this by running (double clicking) showproc. You should see enigma-client.exe or eclient-rpc.exe among the running processes. If you are connected to the Internet, and the client has managed to get a workunit, you should also see enigma.exe among them.

If you want to see the ecrunXP task(s), run showtasks.

Log information is written to logfile in the EnigmaClient folder.

Stop/start the clients supervised by the task scheduler:

To stop the clients in between, run stopclients. To start them again, run startclients.

If the installer did not create the background tasks:

Start the clients manually:

Change into the newly created run directory and run fgstart.

Stop the clients manually:

Press <Ctrl><C>.

Receive important announcements:

Check out the mailing lists.


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